Improvisational Piano — Chooka Parker

September 8, 2014

It really isn’t often that musicians are self-taught; and that improvisation becomes the dominant ‘production’ from an instrument. The exception is Australian pianist, Chooka Parker.

Much as many of the artists that I have followed and promoted as a hobbyist over the years, I found Chooka quite by accident.  While listening to traditional classical piano and related YouTube music videos, there was a ‘suggested’ listing–located in the right column of my screen–that pointed me to Chooka’s work.  After a very small handful of selections, I was hooked on his music.

I made it a point to spend some time listening to his video appearances on Australia’s Got Talent, his Sydney Opera House premier and later, his accompaniment work for a favorite classical-crossover vocalist, Miss Elena House.

His variations on Fur Elise quickly convinced me that this young man had a huge repository of music in his head, and that it was only a matter of time before he would release his music, in several genres, to the world.  I am glad that he did.

I am always flattered when I receive a note from Chooka.  I remain honored that Chooka has taken the time and effort to correspond occasionally with me.  Obviously, I value his friendship highly.

For an admittedly quick sample of Chooka’s work, try YouTube link:

Following that sample, I would encourage readers to spend some time listening to his selections.  His EPs are great and available on his website and usual outlets. Chooka has recently branched out into another percussion instrument and is now ‘tearing into’ a trap set.  

I have no hesitation in recommending his work.  Happy listening!


— R. Johnson


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