Anastasia “Anya” Lee — Classical-Crossover Vocalist

Anastasia “Anya” Lee is a gracious friend and classical-crossover vocalist, that I first discovered on YouTube.  I was immediately taken with her remarkable voice.  The timbre of her voice belies her youth.  As with many of the extremely-skilled artists I have gotten to know over the years, I have made every effort to provide comments on her YouTube channel, along with shares to other social media, predominantly Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Anya is also an athlete as well as a vocalist.  She and her family are energetic members of their Chicago-area community, to say the least.

During the summer of 2013, Anya and her family traveled to Romania, where she won an international competition as a vocalist.  Although I cannot now recall the exact travel schedule, she returns to Romania in 2014 as a featured performer and event judge.

This plucky young woman attended a Josh Groban concert near her home about three years ago.  Groban was accepting questions from the audience, on hand-written 3 X 5 cards.  One of the cards was from Anya, who asked Groban if she could perform a duet with him.  To the shock of Groban, the audience–and likely most of all to Anya–the two did a superb impromptu duet. That ‘commemorative’ YouTube video has received nearly 1.2 million views.

Rather than spending a great deal of time writing about her skills–I could easily spend days writing–it is much simpler for me to provide the link to her channel  It is:

In addition to her ‘expected’ repertoire as a classical-crossover artist, Anya often branches out into everything from movie themes, country-hit covers, to The King of Rock & Roll – Elvis.

Enjoy your exploration of The Anastasia Lee’s music channel  You will not be disappointed.


–R. Johnson



One thought on “Anastasia “Anya” Lee — Classical-Crossover Vocalist”

  1. This is to Give you a Big thank You for the wonderful write up that you honored me with.. Just to be included as a Friend is Honor enough !!
    Mr Mayor – You already know that & I do so appreciate your Support & Friendship 🙂

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