Anna Graceman and the Graceman Band

20160716-Graceman-Landon-Anna-Allie-ThePurpleFiddle-Thomas-WV-IMG_3482Thomas, West Virginia, USA –Singer-songwriter Anna Graceman and her siblings-only band made a first visit to West Virginia, for the Saturday, July 16, 2016 performance at The Purple Fiddle.

The Graceman show started promptly at 8:30 PM and included a small number of cover songs, which were given the Graceman touch on piano and overall arrangement. Her original pieces comprised most of the music of the evening.  Readers should note that her total repertoire is prolific and includes about 60 original songs as well as a studio album. Following a one-song encore after a standing ovation, the music ended at 10:10 PM.

Some mention needs to be made of Anna’s skilled siblings. Brother, Landon on percussion, set the tempo for the evening. As a ‘band’ drummer, I was quite impressed with his masterful accompaniment, whether a folk-rock or softer jazz-rock selection.  Meanwhile, sister Allie played guitar and routinely joined Anna on harmony vocals. Although I have seen her use an electric bass, she abandoned her piano in favor of using the bass on two selections.

Alaska-born Anna Graceman has been a favorite musician/vocalist of mine for several years. Her music career started at age nine (in 2009) with the first of several appearances on the Ellen show.  Two years later, she made her headliner status with appearances on America’s Got Talent. In its pre-show sketch of the artist, The Purple Fiddle lauded her national and international reception and spoke of Graceman’s more than 150 million views on YouTube. The Graceman family moved to Nashville, Tennessee to be closer to the music industry.

A little indication of my appreciation of her music may be evidenced by my willingly driving the three hours, one way, from Richwood, to be able to hear the live performance in Thomas. I have listened to and purchased much of Anna Graceman’s work on usual music platforms. Sometimes by ‘force feeding’ I have also shared her premier work among close friends and on my music-promotion pages. Her music is memorable, lyrics and music impeccable. I could create a quick listing of my favorite songs, but I would rather the reader hit her generous YouTube channel, select the ‘Newest Songs’ playlist with 34 entries and get carried away as have I with such titles as:  “High Places” “Treble Heart” “Words’ “IDK” “Living in Denial” and many, many others.

Graceman New Titles

Her website has a bit of everything:  from music samples and music sources, to other merchandise, to upcoming-tour show dates and locations.

Graceman Website

Enjoy what you hear of Anna Graceman’s work. At age 16, she is going to be producing stellar music for a long time. Bravo, Miss!

–R. Johnson

19 July 2016