Emmalea Deal — Vocalist

March 4, 2015

Vocalist Emmalea Deal is an engaging and skilled performer. Although she is now 14-years-old, she has worked enough live-performances and contests, fairs and festivals, to easily qualify for the title ‘veteran’.

If I were pinned down to describe Emmalea’s usual genre, I would have to reply, “That depends…”  She has recently produced her third CD as a tribute to the icons of country music, called, “Songs of Country Legends” [available on her website: http://www.emmaleadeal.com]. OK, maybe she sings country, but not exclusively. In fact, she has a history of popular and alternative as well.

Emmalea’s first CD, a six-track collection of cover songs is called, “Beautiful.”  Her second CD is titled “It Takes a Lot of Heart.”

As a source of excitement for her friends, her fourth CD–sorry, no details available–will have some, or maybe all, original work.

As a quick sampler of Emmalea’s work, it is hard to beat her ReverbNation cover of “Let Me Be Me” at link: http://www.reverbnation.com/emmaleadeal/song/22558403-let-me-be-me

For another sampler–this one of her live-performance presence–a YouTube link gives a great example of her stage work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06ZJXrHdlIE

All it takes to explore the depth of Emmalea’s considerable skills is a quick trip to her website (created and maintained by her tech-savvy brother, Dustin Deal). She has a presence in social media on Twitter, YouTube, ReverbNation and Facebook Her music may be purchased on usual music outlets. Check her website for details.  Oh, one parting shot on her media platforms. It is important for fans and followers to buy, subscribe, ‘like’ and share her music. Even when just listening, be sure to hit the ‘like’ button.

Her manager, Johnny Cochran, of All Most Heaven Records, is headquartered in Elkins, West Virginia. For bookings, contact Mr. Cochran at 304 704 6380.

I look to see great things from Emmalea Deal. I hope you enjoy her work.

— R. Johnson