Eamonn Payton – Musician, Vocalist

Musician-vocalist Eamonn Payton brings a breath of fresh air to the music world. He is a dedicated musician who taught himself cello and ukulele, and the holder of a very good voice.

I first met Eamonn during the July 2014 ‘WV’s Finest Talent competition, organized by friend, Doris A. Fields, (aka ‘Lady D’). The event was held at Tamarack with dozens of contestants in two, young age groups. Eamonn placed well in the competition and I was delighted that he and I share the same home county. That day, I introduced myself (as an event volunteer and registrar) to Eamonn and later in the day spoke to his absolutely-supportive, extended family. His family are members of a Celtic band, so music is an inseparable part of his life. Eamonn’s father became the source of instruction in acoustic guitar.

Over the intervening years, Eamonn and friends have provided music and song for Nicholas County 4-H gatherings, including events during its celebratory, summer-camp dinner at Veterans Memorial Park.

He and another musician have also done a gig or two at Maloney’s, a sports bar in Summersville.

If I were pressed to describe Eamonn in one word, it would be ‘gregarious’ as his interests range from music, obviously, to aerospace engineering.

For a sample of his work, I will include a link to my local, community-access television program, “Mountain Muse.”

If your travels include our area, I would encourage you to catch an event where Eamonn is providing live music. You will not be disappointed.

— R. Johnson


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