Christopher Ryan Sorensen — Songwriter and Vocalist

January 4, 2015

Pop Songwriter and Vocalist:  Christopher Ryan Sorensen

Unlike several of my posts, I know exactly how I discovered the music of Christopher Ryan Sorensen (aka Christopher Ryan on SoundCloud). While I was listening to the work of another vocalist on SoundCloud that I have now followed for three years, the work of Sorensen was next on an automated play list. I suppose my time with pop genre, was noted by the engines on SoundCloud and Sorensen’s number was next up.

Regardless of the exact method of discovery, I was pretty much instantly struck by a couple of things: 1) this vocalist has a world-class voice; and 2) he is writing all of his tracks. Although I am not usually a jaded old guy, I likely should not have been as impressed as I was with Sorensen’s work.  After all, he is a skilled songwriter with an exceptionally fine voice. Face it, the world is not short of artists of that description.

I believe it was the energy of the production of each track that really sunk in with me. Here is a songwriter and vocalist with a passion to say something. I suspect that each composition creates a certain amount of agony on the part of Sorensen as a creator. I am confident that the delivery of every word with the accompanying note is brilliantly calculated for the greatest impact. Certainly not all songwriters expend that much effort in the production of a piece. When I collaborated on a set of pieces with a friend years ago, I was delighted that I could spend my time creating the music, while he hammered through the lyrics.

As a quick sample of the caliber of work that Sorensen has released, I have dropped a link to a great track called simply “Balloon.” That inauspicious title belies the scope of the work. Every time I listen to the track, I discover a new nuance.

I would encourage the reader to download this, and other available tracks on iTunes. Link:

I am absolutely looking forward to new releases in 2015 from Christopher Ryan Sorensen. His work will be well received and I trust that it will make a mark on the world of popular music.

Enjoy the exploration of his work.

— R. Johnson


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